Here’s some gameplay footage of Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness And The Secret Hideout

A couple of weeks back Koei Tecmo and GUST revealed Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness And The Secret Hideout, marking a brand new story arc for the Atelier series. The game has been confirmed for PS4, PC, and Switch though the release date is now November 1st and not October 29th as originally thought. Along with that bit of information Koei Tecmo has released a short gameplay trailer that gives us brief glimpses of the combat, the world which players will be able to explore, and by the looks of it a quick shot of the new synthesis system that has been changed from the previous Atelier games.


Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness And The Secret Hideout stars Ryza, a character from a small village who wants to leave and go on an adventure with here friends, due to finding village life a tad boring. Ryza, who has been described as a tomboy by GUST, and her friends eventually venture out to a forbidden island where an old man lives. This old man happens to be an alchemist and teaches the group of his ways including how to mix ingredients and the different affects each item would have on the group and the world around them. Players will have to find ingredients throughout the world using a number of tools. This is due to the fact that spots will contain different elements but can only be extracted by using the right tool. The things Ryza and her gang of adventurers finds will be of use as a some evil is coming for their home village and it needs to be protected. One of the other main changes GUST is implementing is a new lighting system to give more detail to the world, depth to the shadows and to make it look better than previous Atelier games.

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