Nintendo Switch Online will soon let you rewind NES Library games

Nintendo Switch Online’s NES library of games is getting a pretty common feature for modern day emulators and retro consoles next week. Nintendo have announced a new rewind feature, letting you turn back time and have another go if you mess up on your The Legend of Zelda playthrough. The feature will be added on Wednesday 17th July.


While it’s not quite as authentic as battling through the challenges of late 80s gaming, but it joins such modern niceties as save states that let you pause, turn off and then resume the game at a later date, not to mention the addition of online multiplayer and remixed versions of these classic games. To activate the Rewind feature, you just need to press ZL and ZR together and then pick from the snapshots that the system has made up to that point.

Also coming next week are two new games to the library: The Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 3. One of these has you shooting a giant gorilla in the nads, the other has you smashing things. I’ll let you figure out which is which. This will bring the library to a full 46 games.

Nintendo Switch Online launched in September of last year, bringing paid multiplayer subscriptions to a Nintendo platform for the first time. In addition to gatekeeping online multiplayer, it also brought cloud save backups (though not for all games) and the NES library, starting with an initial selection of 20 games. However, a number of key features on other platforms, such as voice chat lobbies, were either missing entirely or shunted over to feature in a mobile app.

Source: Nintendo via Engadget

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