The July PlayStation Store sale is now on, big savings on big games!

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It’s clear that at this point Sony have just given up on trying to think of a theme for their sales so this one is just the July Sale. That’s it, no tenuous connection to something happening in the month (it’s National Hot Dog Month over in the States so they missed a trick there) or a sale based on games that feature mice, it is just a sale of games for the month of July.

But wait! What is that at the top of the list? Why it’s the rather excellent A Plague Tale: Innocence which has 33% knocked off and is now just £30. You should buy that, it’s fab. Fans of Improbable Boobs can pick up Dragon’s Crown Pro for £15.99 and GRIP is just £13.64, remember that game was recently updated with Wipeout style hoverjets so is well worth a look if you like your futuristic racers.


Life is Strange 2 Complete Season is on sale for £24.99, so I think I’ll be grabbing that, and Assassin’s Creed Origins is down to £16 which is as tempting as particularly delicious pork pie smothered in crunchy pickle. Mmm. Deal of the week is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 which is down to £30, and there’s also a Games Under €20/€10 sale on as well.

Here is a list of the games on offer, as usual you’re gonna need to click through to find out the discounts, sorry.

July Savings (until 24th July)

Deal of the Week (until 17th July)

Games under €20 (until 24th July)

Games under €10 (until 24th July)

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