The Division 2 servers are down for maintenance

Those Agents looking to get spend some quality time in The Division 2 scouring the streets of Washington DC this morning are out of luck. Ubisoft Massive will be taking its popular online looter shooter offline for scheduled maintenance – here are the details.


The Division 2 servers will be shut down temporarily today between 08:30 AM BST / 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT with an approximate downtime of 2 hours. During this time you won’t be able to access the game at all past the main menu. Ubisoft has confirmed that there isn’t any new content or features being added today – this is plain old regular server maintenance with some backend fixes.

Yesterday, the developers gave us a closer look at its first free DLC expansion for The Division 2. “DC Outskirts: Expeditions” will be arriving on July 23rd for those who own the Year 1 pass, unlocking a week later on July 30th for everyone else.

Expeditions includes 2 new main missions that will take Agents to a completely new area of Washington DC as they explore the Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak. You’ll get to explore a slightly more natural environment compared to the urban sprawl of the city, digging deeper into the game’s lore as you fight new enemies and gather more loot.

This first of three post-launch “episodes” also includes a brand new PvE mode titled “Expeditions”. In this activity, Agents are tasked with tracing lost convoys out in the wilderness which will hopefully open up some new gameplay opportunities.

Year 1 pass holders will also gain exclusive access to the to new NSA Site B13 and Central Aquarium areas as well as challenge-like “Classified Assignments” to complete.

To coincide with the launch of DC Outskirts, Title Update 5 will also be going live introducing even more features and fixes. This includes new weapons (with 2 bonus exotics), flashlights, skill builds, gear balancing, skill builds, and crafting.

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