Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s new monster subspecies and gathering hub details revealed

Monster Hunter World will be exploring new snowy wastes later this year with the Iceborne expansion pack, and Capcom have now given us a look at some of the new monsters and features you can expect to find around the Seliana headquarters with a new trailer.


For veteran hunters, you’l face a new challenge with monster subspecies taking existing beasts and giving them a fresh new twist. Joining all the beasts revealed at E3, the trailer shows off two new wyverns, the Fulgur Anjanath that has swapped fire attacks for electric, and the fanged Ebony Odogaron that’s more vicious with a wider attack range and dragon element. Additionally, the fiery Glavenus, who was teased in the last story trailer, has now been revealed, with a sword-like tail that it uses in a deadly sweeping attack.

Exploring Hoarfrost Reach, you’ll regularly be heading back to the new Seliana home base. It’s built around an interactive hot spring, with a streamlined Gathering Hub around it so you can much more quickly head to the Smithy to craft gear, the resource centre to manage bounties, the botanical research area to harvest items, and so on. “My Room” is also accessible with lots of new custom furniture, decor, colours, and with plans post-launch to let you visit other player rooms.

Beyond this, the expansion will be adding more flexibility to the game’s multiplayer. The difficulty will balance for two player teams, or if you’ve set off with Palicoes in tow. These catty sidekicks will now have new gadgets like the Shieldspire Stooge that can draw a monster’s attention, the Meowcano, a big jar that shoots fireballs at enemies, and the enhanced Vigorwasp to revive players instantly if you faint.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be out on 9th September for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version of the expansion coming sometime in the winter.

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