Don’t Even Think Review

Don’t Even Think of downloading the newest free-to-play battle royale game to hit PS4. It’s a by the numbers rushjob that, despite having a tiny glimmer of potential, swamps you in nothing but bitter disappointment.

It’s no secret that China is currently witnessing a battle royale boom, albeit a slightly delayed one, spearheaded by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile (or should that be Game for Peace?). As a result there has been no shortage of clones and imitators looking for their own slice of the pie, with Don’t Even Think having originally launched last year.


Several months later this latest game from Dark Horse Game Studio and Perfect World Games has made the sudden journey overseas, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. With no marketing or any kind of preamble, it’s suddenly turned up and will likely be forgotten just as quickly.

The first hurdle it stumbles into is fairly minor yet one just about every battle royale game has managed to avoid. Don’t Even Think hits you with an unskippable cutscene before getting started, attempting to cobble together some kind of origin or backstory that involves a global recession, political turmoil, natural disasters, and the fight for military and biomedical technology. It manages to tick just about every box on the list of post-apocalyptic scenarios yet fails to explain the game’s key selling point: werewolves.

That’s the developer’s gambit here; their punt is to create a barebones battle royale experience then chuck in a few player-controlled lycanthropes to see what happens. On paper it sounds ridiculous and the execution is pretty dire, though there’s the faintest trace of something that could have become something special.

There’s only one game mode and that involves squads of three dropping onto a medium sized map before scavenging for weapons and gear. Instead of having the play area gradually shrink like most battle royale games, there’s a timer in the top left that indicates the time of day.

A handful of players will already be prowling the map waiting for the others to arrive. These savage humanoids must wait for the sun to go down before transforming into a werewolf. Their objective is to simply wipe out the humans before they can call in a chopper and evacuate.

However, with the humans already fighting each other, their chances of actually winning are incredibly slim and although you can work with other squads to repel the werewolves, in a battle royale game that prospect seems laughable.

After surviving the short initial phase of each match the werewolves become almost invincible. While restricted to melee attacks it only takes a few of these to down a human player, the wolves also being much faster and able to chow on corpses to regain health. There’s a ridiculous imbalance here that can only be levelled by finding sacred silver bullets – with regular ammo your guns might as well be peashooters.

Despite some glaring issues, Don’t Even Think is at least serviceable in the way it controls. The gunplay has a worrying lack of feedback though still feels smooth and semi-accurate, while movement is robust enough and even has vaulting (something PUBG lacked for quite some time). Meanwhile, inventory management has been pared right back. Handling loot and exchanging weapons is all assigned to a single button which is a pain as that’s the same button that’s used to reload.

There are definitely some passable aspects to this game though we found ourselves questioning its existence with an alarming frequency. It’s incredibly limited with one map, one mode, and a handful of cosmetics to unlock, some of which are insanely priced. To get the fanciest werewolf skin in the game costs 4800 Glod which, let’s face it, is probably a typo during translation rather than the dev’s attempt at naming its own original currency. In order to get that much… Glod you’ll need to spend close to $100. This in a game that doesn’t even let you party up with friends.

We’ve seen some bad permutations of the battle royale genre, but this one takes the dog biscuit. Don’t Even Think is an opportunistic trainwreck that, while free to play, will leave you feeling emotionally out of pocket.
  • Playing as a werewolf is dumb fun
  • Horribly imbalanced
  • Visuals are completely uninspired
  • Missing essential features
  • A severe lack of content
  • Having the balls to ask $100 for skin at launch
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  1. Haha. Brilliant. I don’t like this genre at the best of times but this sounds as bad as they come. Having lived in China for several years I’m not surprised to see this shameless copy and paste (but poorly) job. Hopefully in time some original developers and games will emerge but given the governments tight control on everything I doubt it.

  2. You know what? I might just give this a miss then.

  3. Honestly, don’t even listen to this article poster. He has nothing good to say about the game it’s just pure negativity and it sounds like the writer of this article is a bit salty that he sucks at the game so he’s hating on it, in fact it seems like he has hardly played it! The werewolves aren’t “invincible” in fact I was in several matches where all 3 werewolves were killed, it just takes practice like any other game. The writer doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that this game just came out, it’s basically a beta. The game has it’s issues such as frame drops but the game will improve with time, the game is free, you can’t beat free. Why not give it a try? Don’t even think? More like don’t even think about listening to the writer of this article, what a great game this is, best part is that there is nothing else like it…other than the fact that it is a battle royale style game.

    • There’s nothing in the game saying that it’s in beta or early access.

      Like any free-to-play game, it’s bounds to get a few fans behind it and I genuinely hope it turns into something worth playing in future.

      However, right now it’s an imbalanced mess of a rush job that will likely be forgotten in a few weeks’ time.

      • I agree that it seems to be a bit unbalanced, the odds of the survivor escaping are indeed slim. There needs to be some adjustments and improvements to the game. However, with that being said i don’t agree that the “game will be forgotten in a few weeks” the game has just started to grow and on PS4 there isn’t very many choices to begin with, Dayz, h1z1, fortnite….but other than that there isn’t many other battle royale style games. The game has a long way to go and it has it’s fair share of issues just like any other battle royale. But I can assure you the game isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

    • I have played about 30 matches so far on the PS4 and I can say I honestly kinda enjoy the game. There are problems with it tho. Silver bullets are to rare and even if you have a squad of 3 it is super hard to kill the wolf. With the silver bullets if you miss 1 shot the the wolf wont die. Its graffics are not to good and it has some lag spikes there are only a few different houses and 2 hot spots for look that are different its a small map and there is no mic option either when you mix that with not being able to invite a friend it all kinda gose down hill. I enjoy playing it and fighting other players but whenever I see a wolf I die almost instantly and when your team mates all drop at different places you have 0 chance. they need to balance some things out but I do have hope for the game.

    • You cannot be serious. This game has horrible frame rates in general, it’s bland as all hell, it controls like crap, the visuals are about the only halfway decent thing to it and even they aren’t that great since the map is basically a repetition of the same things again and again.

      There’s next to no chance to escape unless you find silver bullets, and even then you have to find a way to use them before you’re slaughtered within seconds. Nothing in the game is communicated very well for new players, and there is no tutorial. There’s not even a results screen FFS.

      This is hot garbage, plain and simple. It might have a VERY small, dedicated fanbase, who play simply it’s easy to win. This game was DOA. The fact it has no advertising, no sub-reddit, no NOTHING (hell, this is the ONLY actual review of the game on the net AT ALL) should show you that.

    • Have YOU played the game? It’s terrible; the shotgun is garbage, the controls are wonky and unmanageable, silver bullets are to few and they’re the only chance you have to defend yourself from OP werewolves, you can never find the Data, it’s all just pointless. Playing as a human is no fun whatsoever and playing as a werewolf is only slightly better. This is a weak effort and no amount of patches will save it, and that sucks because the idea behind the game is interesting and had potential, but by defending it in its current state you’re just encouraging incompetent game design.

  4. Apex Legends, Blackout, Rec Room, BFV, are a few more that offer BR.

  5. I’m going to play this solely because the reviewer used the words uninspired in a unknown blog about a battle royale game with werewolves. Slow down buddy life isn’t that serious. Maybe hang up your neckerchief and try to just have fun sometimes.

  6. I really like this game alot dont know why all the debbie downers dont like it probubly cause they cant afford a money game like the graphics of the map and running around as a werewolf kinda puts me in mind of an old xbox version of left 4 dead but i truly believe if yall can make it to where the hunters cant lay on the floor in the corners of the houses upstairs id be greatfull its a nice break from all the other games out there forget all the retardedness of these other comments you know the old saying if Ppl can they will keep up the good work ladies and gentleman looks great love the werewolf skins oh and whoever said its hard to kill a werewolf its suspose to be hard to kill a werewolf gezzus you dont like it go back to fartnite cause i like it very refreshing game from all the same old crap.

  7. Thiers ppl camping upstairs in the houses in the corners and camping under the evacuation pads so us who like the werewolfs cant get em please fix this

    • I agree they should fix the cabin glitch as for the heli pad I like that u can get under some of them it gives u a chance since it’s hard to kill the wolf not to mention as soon as u go to the ladder even if u have full health the wolf will cut u down before u can climb I really like this game and ya it’s a challenge to win but a wolf can be brought down with two head shots as long as it’s with the silver also once a wolf shield is down a purple ak can cut it down I think the wolf dmg should be dialed back to give you more of a Fighting Chance

  8. Can you all please fix the freezeing of the characters and werewolfs from time to time very annoying to have someone cut you down cause you cant move.

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