The Space Invaders movie now has a writer

Greg Russo must have some seriously incriminating pictures of video game executives. ‘Reggie Fils-Aimé, four hookers, a mountain of cocaine and a live Sea Bass’ levels of incriminating, that is the only explanation how someone who has never written a movie before is now writing four of them.

Greg is already the script writer for the rebooted Resident Evil movies, adapting Saints Row, and penning the brand new Mortal Kombat film, and he’s now picked up the job of trying to add a two hour plot to Space Invaders.


The classic 1978 arcade game, created by Tomohiro Nishikado, was optioned as movie over five years ago by Warner Bros. but it has sat in development hell since then. Perhaps this is because other I.P.s with no story that have been made in to movies have not been good, the Battleship movie was a pile of pants and the less said about the Emoji movie the better.

“Didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so it was amazing when my Dad surprised us with an Atari 2600,” tweeted Greg. “[Space Invaders] was the first game I ever played. Have a way into the story that will completely subvert expectations. Nothing but ❤️ for this O.G. Hall of Fame classic!”

I’m not entirely sure how you can subvert expectations of Space Invaders, surely there are going to be invaders from space, but Greg seems confident.

Russo’s other movie, Mortal Kombat, recently picked it’s Sub Zero in the shape of Indonesian actor and martial artist Joe Taslim, best known for playing Jaka in the excellent movie The Raid.

Other video game movies languishing in development hell include flicks based on Fruit Ninja, Watch Dogs, Kane & Lynch, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Asteroids, and a trilogy (!) of  films based on the block puzzling delights of Tetris.

Source: Deadline

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