Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.01 adds New Eden raid and story content

Square Enix has just rolled out its latest update for Final Fantasy XIV – the first since the launch of its new Shadowbringers expansion.

Servers for the popular Final Fantasy MMO went offline earlier this morning and should be going live again by the time you’re reading this.


An update for Final Fantasy XIV will be now be available, patching the game to version 5.01. Square has already confirmed that another new patch will be coming on July 30th.

5.01 includes your typical tweaks and fixes as well as yet another wad of game content to play through, extending the Shadowbringers storyline with even more main quests.

Those who have already powered through the expansion and are hungry for more endgame content will be glad to hear that a new full party-sized has been thrown into the mix.

Eden’s Gate requires you to hit level 80 and complete the required story quests before entering. This eight player raid will last roughly 90 minutes and demands and average item level of 425 or above in order to participate.

We won’t know much about the raid’s layout or mechanics until players get their hands on it later today. Rest assured, a full breakdown of Eden’s Gate will be available within hours or raiding parties signing in once they’ve installed patch 5.01. Here’s some flavour text:

Beyond the boundaries of Norvrandt lies the Empty─a land drowned in the primordial light of the Flood. To redress the balance of the elements, our hero must wield a power the likes of which the First has never known. The power of Eden.

It’s worth noting that instead of getting gear from the treasure coffers upon completing Eden’s Gate, you’ll get tokens that can be exchanged for items of your choice. Tokens are limited and you’ll only be able to one per week, the count refreshing every Tuesday.

Shadowbringers is the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV following Heavensward and Stormblood. Available on both PC and PlayStation, it adds two new races, two new classes, and a whole new region to explore with dungeons, raids, story missions.

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