PS4 update now live for firmware 6.72

Sony has deployed its latest PlayStation firmware update, which you can download right now. You can update your PS4 console to system version 6.72 by going to the settings menu, weighing in at 463.9MB.

However, within all those megabytes, don’t expect to find any new features to play around with. Here’s the official description of update 6.72 does according to Sony:

“Main features in version 6.72 update: this system software update improves system performance.”

Great stuff, a really descriptive breakdown there as always, Sony.

It shouldn’t come as no surprise though – as a rule of thumb, any 0.0X update is generally tied to system performance and software stability. The regular kind of behind the curtain fixes that very few will notice at all.

Big system features – such as revisions to the party system, and the long-awaited PSN name changes, are usually held for the X.X5 or X.X0 updates.

For example, the next time Sony wants to rolls out a new feature will likely be when update 6.75 lands or 6.80.

Usually, before these features land, Sony sends out invites to select PSN users allowing them to join in beta tests before these are eventually rolled out to the public.

If you want to be part of this program and get your hands on the latest updates before the rest of the PSN punters, here’s a link to the trial sign-up page.

The last big new feature Sony rolled out was 16-player parties. We’ve yet to hear what Sony has planned in the future, but you won’t find it in 6.72, sadly.

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  1. Marvellous. As a representative of the unwillingly off-grid portion of the TSA community I’d like to express my frustration at these mysterious, data hungry updates. As a compulsive trophy hoarder and save game backer upper with an 18GB monthly data limit, episodes of Stranger Things to download and photos of my kids to back up this 400MB is tough to justify…. and after typing that all out I realise how stupid I must seem, but I’ve come out to the garden to post this rubbish so I’m following through. Damn you Sony and your ever more stable stabiiity!

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