Tropico 6 is heading to PS4 and Xbox One in September

The banana republic management sims of the Tropico series have been running for the better part of two decades, with the Tropico 6 coming out for PC at the end of March this year. Now, El Presidente is expanding his dictatorship to include consoles, with Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment setting a PS4 and Xbox One launch date of 27th September.


We posted our Tropico 6 review alongside the PC release, with Nick saying that “Tropico 6 feels like the kind of game that you can fall back on when every other game gets a little too stressful. The economy can be tricky to get started, but you can soon start to kick back and take it easy. If you are finding it too hard though, turn on unlimited money and enjoy your break. It’s almost like going on holiday to the Carribean, which is fitting really.”

The game is currently in Xbox Game Preview, with Limbic ironing out a few kinks before full release, and holding back on multiplayer, a random map generator and a few other things at that time. The Game Preview version has just had a major update, which included the random map generator and a swathe of bug fixes. Here’s what the update does:

New Feature

  • Random map generator has been enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • “Bureaucrazy” mission has been fixed.
  • Fixed several issues with notifications and error messages in the game.
  • Fixed several controller input and focus issues.
  • Fixed several graphical glitches caused by textures.
  • Resource overlays have been fixed.
  • Several other bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Obviously, you can hop into the Game Preview version on Xbox One and get dictating, if you can put up with a few rough edges, but thankfully the game isn’t too far away now for PlayStation 4 gamers.

Source: press release, Kalypso

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