Nintendo confirm a new Switch model with up to nine hours battery life

The previously leaked revision to the standard Switch model has been confirmed by Nintendo and will launch in the UK this September. The new version has an improved battery that can last up to nine hours, although a game like Zelda will last around 5.5 hours, but that’s still much better than the three hours the current Switch can manage.


Filings with the American FCC also indicated the processor and flash storage on the device would be improved but Nintendo have not confirmed this.

Nintendo recently revealed the Switch Lite which does not have detachable Joycons or a dock, but is cheaper in price. You can read more about that dinky device here, but it does have some limitations.

If a game supports Joy-Con functions such as HD rumble, IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con motion sensors, some features will not be available using Nintendo Switch Lite alone. Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) are required to use these features.

For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wireless connect Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite. In these cases, users will need to have a device to recharge Joy-Con controllers, such as the Joy-Con charging grip. To find play mode compatibility information for specific games, please refer to the product packaging or Nintendo eShop.

The heavily rumoured Switch Pro seems to have been shelved, at least for this year. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has spoken to CNET and confirmed that Switch Lite will be the only new console Nintendo will be launching this year, so it looks like the Pro has been pushed out to 2020. That will put the Switch Pro up against the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett, both of which will be much more powerful.

If you are planning on purchasing a Switch then it might be worth holding out for a few more months and getting one of the new, improved models.

Nintendo have also announced some new brightly coloured Joy-Cons.

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  1. Neon yellow / blue look nice but note sure about the orange one. And up to 9 h battery life! Even I don’t spend that long on the khazi.

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