Check out Pokémon Masters’ 3v3 and co-op gameplay

DeNA and The Pokémon Company have shown off another chunk of the upcoming mobile game Pokémon Masters. Coming to Android and iOS sometime this summer, it features some interesting 3-on-3 real time battling, Pokémon trainer and creature partnerships and co-op multiplayer.


The trailer is built around showing off the 3v3 battling system, which takes place in real time and features both standard attacks and powerful Trainer and Pokémon sync moves. Naturally, the co-op multiplayer features teams up up to three going up against AI opponents, working together to unleash unity attacks, a combined attack involving all three sync pairs in the team – these were revealed previously.

Also shown in the trailer is the Pokémon Masters League, where you compete in the game’s 3v3 battles across the artificial island of Pasio. You’ll work through Gym Leaders, various Elite Four members, Champions and other characters from every region seen in Pokémon games. Despite the all-star opponents, you’ll still be battling to obtain badges and eventually win the Pokémon Masters League.

Not shown were the Synga Suits, which are special outfits trainers wear in battle, with their partner Pokémon changing depending on the suit. This means that Brock can send his Onyx back to the Pokébox and bring out a Tyranitar instead.

Source: press release

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