For Honor’s new hammer-wielding Viking hero arrives next week

Ubisoft has announced a new season of content for its popular online fighting game For Honor. Year 3 Season 3 is being dubbed “Hulda”, introducing a new playable warrior for the Viking faction.

Named after the great world serpent, Jormungandr, this feral fighter has already won over the For Honor community. All it took? A massive bloody hammer, or “War Hamarr” to be one hundred percent accurate.

Here’s some flavour text for our new hero:

The Jormungandr are Viking sectarians who wear their devotion to the Great Serpent, after whom they are named on their scarred bodies. Led by Hulda or Gretar, the female and male version of the New Hero, the Jormungandr aims to crush the weak before Ragnarok comes, as they believe only the most worthy must remain for the Great Battle. Wielding their mighty War Hamarr during fights, they cull their opponents with their powerful attacks.

The Jormungandr will be playable as of next week with the arrival of Year 3 Season 3. This change of seasons will come on August 1st though only Year 3 Pass holders will be able to take this mighty warrior into battle at first.

As with previous Year 3 heroes, regular punters will have to wait 7 days after which they can pay 15,000 Steel to add the Jormungandr to their roster. Unless For Honor’s Steel economy has changed much over the past few months, that’s not too much of a grind.

Ubisoft also released a cinematic trailer for this latest character though we’re not entirely sure how the Jormungandr will actually play.

So far, both heroes added during Season 4 (the Black Prior and the Hitokiri) have been heavy-class fighters. Ubisoft could make this a hattrick with the Jormungandr and their hefty-looking hammer though we might see them added to the vanguard or hybrid categories instead.

Just as exciting is the addition of a new Breach map: Storr Stronghold. Ubisoft Montreal plan to reveal all during this week’s Warrior’s Den stream over on Twitch. This will hopefully include details on upcoming character reworks, too.

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