Catherine: Full Body’s latest trailer is all about facing a decision, demo released

A new trailer has arrived for Catherine: Full Body, an updated version of the PS3 and Xbox 360 cult hit Catherine, in which protagonist Vincent Brooks is torn between girlfriend Katherine, the attractive looking Catherine, and new girl on the block Rin. The footage is split amongst cutscenes and not gameplay as the three women vie for Vincent’s attention, and confront each other in the process of trying to win him over. The gameplay itself is all about pushing and jumping on blocks. As well as the trailer a demo for Catherine: Full Body on PS4.


A couple of months ago Stefan got some hands on time with Catherine: Full Body (stop it), and had this to say:

“There’s a lot here to like, whether you’ve got all the good, bad and true endings the first time around and want to explore Rin’s story with some new challenges, or if you’re a complete newcomer. This is unusual and quirky a game as ever, and on a personal level, I’m glad it exists because, if there’s one good thing that’s come from previewing Catherine: Full Body, it’s that I actually want to play more. Now, do I plug my PS3 back in, or wait until September?”

You can read the full Catherine: Full Body preview here.

It was recently confirmed that Catherine: Full Body would be getting Persona 5 related DLC. That DLC will add Joker as a playable character in the multiplayer mode. The DLC itself will be  Joker & Phantom Thieves Commentary Set, which is part of the Catherine: Full Body Digital Deluxe Edition though it will also be available separately. Catherine: Full Body will be released on September 3rd for PS4.

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