Uncover a cult in The Church in the Darkness next week

Cults are a thing that could cover a whole host of sinister secrets, and in The Church in the Darkness players are tasked with uncovering some things about a cult that has affected the protagonist’s family. The cult has taken in ex-cop Vic’s nephew and it is up to him to go undercover to find out what the cult is about while trying to save his nephew. The cult is based in a South American compound called Freedom Town and players will have the option to be sneaky, talk to members of the cult, and look for secrets or be aggressive. Whatever actions Vic takes will impact the ending that will come about.

There will be two editions available of The Church in the Darkness, with the standard edition netting players a copy of the game for $19.95 while the True Believer edition will contain the game, the soundtrack, and behind the scenes videos looking at the making of the game for $29.95. The Church in the Darkness will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch with a 20% discount being applied to pre-orders as well as during the launch week of the game.

Source: Press Release

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