PC players will be able to get their hands on Wolfenstein: Youngblood tomorrow

MachineGames latest foray into the world of Wolfenstein will be launching a day early for PC players as Bethesda, who is publishing the title, confirmed that July 25th is when Wolfenstein: Youngblood launches on the platform. The game has been said to be one of the biggest Wolfenstein games so far but it will not star series protagonist B.J Blazkowicz. Instead his twin daughters will be taking up the mantle, and whatever else they can get their hands on, to destroy some Nazi scumbags. Like father like daughters then, so if you’ve played the other Wolfenstein titles then you know what to expect.


Paris is the playground of Nazi destruction as during the journey the two leading characters will aim to bring about a new resistance. Wolfenstein’s campaign will feature co-op so players can work together to dismantle the Nazi machine, and the levels themselves have taken some influence from the Dishonored series allowing for multiple approaches in which to deal with objectives as they arise. Console players will obviously get their hands on the game Friday, July 26th.

If you’ve pre-ordered Wolfenstein: Youngblood then pre-loads are available now. Here’s a handy description on how that is working out depending on the platform.

Pre-load times
  1. Xbox One – Preload will begin on July 23 at 8:00am ET
  2. PlayStation 4 – Preload will begin 48 hours before launch in your territory
  3. Steam/BNET – Preload will begin on July 23 at 1:00pm ET

Bethesda also confirmed that both Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot will not be censored in Germany, where the law is incredibly strict when it comes to media displaying Nazi iconography.

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