Rainbow Six Siege’s active player count at an all-time high

Ubisoft’s tactical online shooter continues to go from strength to strength with a steadily growing player base and a thriving esports scene to match.

According to the latest industry report published by market research firm, Superdata, June 2019 saw Rainbow Six Siege break a record for monthly active users.


Exact figures for Siege’s player count weren’t given, however if you take a look at June’s Steam Charts for the Tom Clancy title, there has been a notable hike in user activity.

During June 2019, Siege saw an average player count of 78,059.3 with a peak of 140,274. That’s more than 30% increase of the previous period. Impressive stats to say the least, though these don’t account for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Siege communities.

Elsewhere in the Superdata report, total in-game revenue has risen to $36.8 million across all platforms – an increase of 50% from May 2019, and a 9% increase over June 2018. Back in May it was reported that Siege had reached a total of 45 million player around the world.

Beyond the initial game purchase, Rainbow Six Siege supports itself through microtransactions as well as Ubisoft’s Year Pass – a monetisation model that has spread to other games including For Honor and The Division 2.

All gameplay content for Siege is absolutely free, available to anyone who owns a copy of the game. However, the Year Pass will grant access to new playable operators seven days ahead of regular punters and without having to grind for in-game currency. Other microtransactions include individual skins, cosmetic bundles, and R6 Credits.

Last month, Ubisoft rolled out its latest content drop for Rainbow Six Siege, dubbed Operation Phantom Sight. This introduced a rework of the popular map, Kafe, as well as Nokk and Warden, the two latest operators added to the game, bringing the total roster up to 46. There was also the recent western-themed event, Showdown.

Since stumbling out of the blocks way back in December 2015, Siege has now cemented itself as one of this generation’s most popular online games.

Source: Superdata

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