What We Played #409 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 & Dandy Dungeon

I have only played one game for the past week, and that’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed the fact that I live in a 400 year old building which stays relatively cool alllllll day. I did go outside a couple of times, but there was some kind of death ball in the sky which I didn’t like very much, so I went back into my ancient hobbit hole and didn’t come back out.

Everyone else has been deciding whether or not to avoid the sun, with Steve also choosing to hide away. He got the platinum for Detroit: Become Human and 99 Vidas, before beginning the “fun but slightly janky” Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. He put some time into Cricket 19 for an upcoming review, which you might see around the start of the Ashes.

Staying true to his roots, Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, but behold! He also played WipEout on PSVR! Aran, on the other hand, has played nothing (this isn’t what we have not played Aran) as he’s been away from home; “even though I have my Switch I haven’t used it once because of work business.”

Nick P is still playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, “getting reps as I plough through the Infinity Trials.” He’s also been looking after my dinos (I assume he means he’s been playing Jurassic Park Evolution, not suddenly turned into TSA’s own John Hammond), hating Killsquad and starting Wolfenstein Youngblood, which incidentally made him feel sick. “Bethesda shooters have a habit of doing this to me,” he lamented.

Ade is also still playing, and very much enjoying, Spider-Man, while Thomas has been diving back into The Witcher 3 ahead of the Netflix TV show’s release this year and finally forced himself to start playing Red Dead Redemption 2. You’re going to have to force yourself to complete it too, mate, rather than get annoyed about accidentally pissing everyone else off like I did.

JC – that’s Jason Coles, not Jesus Christ – has played some more Destiny 2, and lots of the Iron Banner specifically, a bit of Minecraft, and loads of Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada, “because it’s excellent.” Miguel meanwhile has given back in to his vice and started playing the English version of Fate/Grand Order – “the mobile game that may or may not have consumed 2 years of my life during college.” He’s also been playing a bit more Tekken 7 and practicing combos.

Giving himself a bit of a breather before the third instalment, Jim has wrapped up Shenmue II, while dipping into Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled to ensure that he finishes the Grand Prix season in the top 5% of players and managed to secure himself a nice new kart.

Last and always least, Tef has begun his journey into Monster Hunter: World, because he wants to have a foggy idea of how to play it properly. So, you might think that he’d just hop in, pick a stock character model and run a few quests, right? Wrong. Instead he spent a good half hour in yesterday’s sweltering heat painstakingly going through all the options to make his character look minutely different to one of the presets. Good.

Aside from that, it’s been just a tiny bit of Super Mario Maker 2, intense regret at missing last week’s final Splatoon 2 Splatfest, and waiting for Fire Emblem: Three Houses to unlock.

Now then, what have you played? Or are you in fact a puddle of former-human goop on the floor now? One bubble for yes, two for no.

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  1. I’ve finally dried out after sitting here dripping all day yesterday. At least we’re back to a more normal temperature now.

    This week has mostly been too many random things again, thanks to PS Now. And then of course EA decided to do their thing, so that’s more in the backlog.

    And I finished off Detroit: Become Human. Somehow got what has to be the best ending. Everyone alive at the end and a nice peaceful solution. But I’ve only got 31 of the 49 trophies, and I’m not sure I want to play it again in a bad way to get the rest.

    Also, the menu android is far too creepy. Incredibly well done, especially when she starts to wonder about your choices. But not quite climbed up out of the uncanny valley.

    VR fun was obviously limited, because strapping electrical devices to what was mostly a puddle of water seemed unwise. Had a weird game of Honor & Duty: D-Day though, where due to server issues only 1 other person managed to join my game. And he was on my team. Two against none doesn’t make for a very high scoring game. So the other guy respawned as an engineer, stole the other team’s (the one with nobody on) jeep, and we spent 10 minutes having comedy jeep races. VR definitely encourages friendly people and general arsing about not taking things seriously. Helps that the jeep physics in that game can only be described as “enthusiastic”. Tiniest bump in the road and you’re travelling far more vertically than normal.

  2. I managed to sweat my way through the final bosses and collectibles in Spider-Man. Wow, what an ending, I was nearly in tears and then grinning all over the place! The game was great fun, very easy but I didn’t mind that, a lot like the Arkham series but I didn’t mind that either, lots of good quips and swinging and story. Oh and platinum number 29!
    I started Knack, it’s far too hard for my fat thumbs. The dodge distance is too short and the recovery from a failed attack utterly fatal, has anyone got any helpful tips for this muppet?
    Finally, since it was raining today (bliss!) I took my family to see Toy Story 4. My kids loved it, my wife and I adored it and cried a lot, Disney really know how to yank those heart strings.

  3. No heat issues here. Other than the fact it’s summer all year round and currently, generally somewhere between 95 – 105 with high humidity on top. 🤷‍♂️

    Anyway, the games. I’ve played a bunch of different things over the past couple of months. Days Gone has been a hard act to follow.

    Obviously this is all personal opinion just like everyone else. I’ve played a pretty wide variety of stuff since I last wrote in here which I thing was around the end of Days Gone so I’ll try to be brief. Ish.

    Horizon Chase Turbo. There’s obvious retro charm to be had here but I found that stuff enjoyable when it was the peak of technology. These days? No thanks.

    MK11. I like a good fighting game on occasion but this didn’t really do it for me.

    Hitman Absolution HD. Brilliant, best in the series.

    Ace Combat 7. I’ve had a lot of fun with the series in the past between the hammy story and often tedious objectives, this didn’t do an awful lot for me.

    Devil May Cry V. Not typically my type of game but I liked it. Over the job story and combat work well and it all looks utterly stunning. Relatively short game length works for the style of game.

    Division 2. Still playing a little here and there but the lack of an actual story makes it hard to want to progress if leveling and loot doesn’t appeal. Also, you could be forgiven for simply thinking the snow melted from the first game, it’s that similar. Not to mention, no friends? Don’t bother.

    Ni No Kuni II. Absolutely loved this game and platinumed it too. If you’ve been on the fence, dive in.

    World War Z. Janky as hell but it has an indescribable appeal. Like Division 2, if you’re playing alone, it’s a forgettable experience.

    Spiderman. Enjoyable story, to a point. The point of which I really didn’t want to continue forcing myself to traverse or fight anyone anymore to push it along. Technically, borderline flawless.

    Currently playing.

    Judgment. If you like Yakuza (which I do) you know what to expect. Kamurocho brawling with a detective angle. Great so far.

    Team Sonic Racing. Challenging but really enjoying it so far. Team angle keeps it fresh.

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