Crystar gameplay trailer shows combat and the impact of Torments

Spike Chunsoft’s Crystar will be releasing for PS4 and PC on August 27th, and in it players play as the character Rei as she heads to Purgatory to find and save her sister. A new gameplay trailer has been released showing off some of the combat and as you’ll see the fights are quite standard affairs for action RPGs, but there is a twist. As Rei and her partners destroy the denizens of Purgatory they’ll be left with the torments of those that have died, and those torments are used to make the characters stronger. These torments are essentially the thoughts and fears of enemies as they die, so it’s a bit dark.


The trailer shows that Rei isn’t the only playable character with players being able to switch between them to approach combat in different ways. Recently Spike Chunsoft confirmed that there would be some minuscule changes to Crystar’s PS4 localised release with 0.5 seconds of naked buttocks being removed from a cinematic in the game. That is the only change and everything else will remain as it is in the Japanese release.

Source: YouTube

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