Hitman 3 confirmed, Siberia mission revealed for Hitman 2

A new documentary looking at the fall and rise of the Hitman franchise, the cunningly titled “The Fall & Rise of Hitman” has revealed that to the surprise of no one, there’s a third Hitman game in production.

The company have opened a new studio and are working on Hitman 3, which may return to an episodic release schedule, and a second title which is a brand new IP. You can hear the reveal in the video below at around the 36m18s mark.


It appears the rather unceremonious split from Square Enix has done wonders for the company, before the split the original 2016 game had 1.8 million players, after IO took back control this almost 5.9 million players.

We’ve also a got a trailer for the next mission for Agent 47 and he’s going to need his thermal underwear as he’s off to Siberia

After downloading Siberia (The Prison) on July 30th, HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners will have access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu that includes the Siberia Sniper Assassin mission (Crime and Punishment).

The mission brings new challenges that can be completed to add a permanent multiplier to your score. That will push you up the leaderboards and allow you to upgrade your rifle with extended magazines, additional ammo, faster reloads and more. With an upgraded rifle, you’ll earn more points on your way to unlocking the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic

Included with ‘HITMAN 2 – Siberia’:

– New Location (Siberia, Russia)
– New Sniper Assassin Map: Crime and Punishment
– New Sniper Assassin Challenges
– Rifle Mastery Progression, including the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic unlock
– Multiplayer: Online co-op
– New Trophies / Achievements to earn


When Agent 47 arrives in Siberia at the prison, he’ll have four objectives to complete in order to call his mission a success.

The Crime and Punishment mission objectives are;

  • Eliminate Roman Khabko
  • Eliminate Vitaly Reznikov
  • Eliminate the Siberian Tigers
  • Cause a Prison Riot

Source: YouTube / IO

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