Quantic Dream is planning to get into game publishing

You’ll best know Quantic Dream from their PlayStation exclusive string of narrative adventure, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. Or maybe you’ve seen their name in the headlines for being sued in France for having a toxic workplace culture (a case which they then lost in court through the country’s atypical employment rights laws)?

Well, either way, with the court case behind them and with their twelve years of PlayStation exclusivity at an end – their older games are now on the Epic Games Store – the company are looking to the future, and that future is to start publishing games.

Speaking to Gamespot ahead of a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, studio boss David Cage explained that Quantic Dream are looking to “explore different routes and to do different things, and we also wanted to become publishers and really work on our titles, maybe work on more than one title at a time. Also, we see the landscape changing very fast, we see new platforms, we see mobile, and we see cloudplay, and we wanted to just be able to be part of this landscape.”

Part of that is to self-publish and also extend that to others. “An important part of what we wanted to do was to become a publisher to publish our own games,” he said. “That was something important to us, but also to work with other developers, and not necessarily regarding interactive storytelling, but any genre. As long as it’s original, innovative, and high-quality, we are interested.”

Within that, it could be a more technical partnership, lending their in house technologies, from game engine to motion capture, soundstages and even actors.

There’s nothing to announce yet, but Cage says, “it’s so exciting, really exciting. You know, I’m in this industry for 22 years, and it feels like it’s a startup company, and we’re starting a new adventure now, so I wouldn’t say it’s a new journey because we’ve been on this journey for a long time, but it feels very exciting.”

Source: Gamespot

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