Super Smash Bros Ultimate 4.0.0 update release date confirmed by Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have been waiting a little while to find out when update 4.0.0 would be released, and now Nintendo has confirmed the date via a Tweet. Fans can expect the update to arrive this Wednesday on July 31st. The date was tweeted out in an annoucement that stated replays created in versions before 3.1.0 of Super Smash Bros Ultimate would not be compatible with 4.0.0 and beyond.


As the tweet states to keep any replays you’ll have to go to Vault, select Replays, then select Replay Data, and then choose to Convert to Video before you update the game to 4.0.0. As you can also see from the tweet above tomorrow, July 30th, Masahiro Sakurai will be in a video presentation that gives an in-depth look at the new DLC character Dragon’s Quest Hero. The tweet also states when the fighter will be available but it could coincide with the released of 4.0.0. While the Dragon’s Quest Hero will be the latest addition to the roster we know they aren’t the only character in the line. Last month it was confirmed Banjo Kazooie would be heading to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster in Autumn.

In our review of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Jason wrote:

“Smash Bros. has often felt a bit like it was trying to do too much and while it has always been a fun series, the disparity between the fighting game and the party game didn’t always mesh well. Ultimate is the perfect fusion of the two styles. There are countless additions to it as a fighting game to keep the competitive players happy, but the new items and features make the party game the most exciting it could be. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels like one of the best written love letters to gaming that there has ever been, the care and attention given to each of the games represented is incredible. This is quite simply a must-play game, one that will keep you going for hundreds of hours with its single player alone, and with multiplayer that will keep you going for thousands.”

You can read the review here.

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  1. I have this game, but have found it incredibly confusing. I need someone to come round and explain everything to me, lol

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