Battlefield V update 4.2.1 brings the Marita map to the rotation

A small update has been pushed forward for Battlefield V as patch 4.2.1 brings with it the Marita map, as well as adding two Elites to the game as well. The game won’t go offline but players are being told to restart the game once the update has downloaded so it can take effect. Marita itself will go live at 12PM CEST for all platforms and will see the release of a Marita only playlist, which will contain a round of conquest and two rounds of Breakthrough. The map will also be available in rotations for Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Breakthrough. A couple hours afterwards Norman and Ilse will be live in the stores.

In addition, DICE has stated there is a known issue that is in patch 4.2.1 where certain skins being equipped can lead to a very bright glare when aiming down sights. Images of how it looks can be seen below in both normal and weather state.

Below are the times for when the update will start rolling out for the different platforms.

  • PC –       1AM PT // 4AM ET // 9AM BST // 10AM CEST

  • PS4 –     2AM PT // 5AM ET // 10AM BST // 11AM CEST

  • Xbox –   3AM PT // 6AM ET // 11AM BST // 12PM CEST

On August 8th another Marita playlist will go live for 32 player playlists across Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Frontlines.

Source: Reddit

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