Friday The 13th update repairs interaction issues, full patch notes here

A new patch has rolled out for Friday The 13th on Xbox One and PS4, with a PC one to follow shortly. The patch has been released to address issues where interactions between characters weren’t playing out properly, as well as removing areas where counsellor players could get too without Jason being able to get to those same spots. The patch also looked to fix a number of floating items within maps, stopped Jason getting stuck in certain places, and a number of animations have been smoothed out including grab kill one and certain animations in single player.

The full patch notes are below.


Friday The 13th July update

  • Resolved Various Issues Regarding ‘Interaction Lock’ for Counselor and Jason Interactions Which Would Result in Unintended Gameplay Issues.
    • A more thorough pass on Interaction Systems has resolved many interaction related issues.
    • These methods to manipulate interactions that have been fixed include but are not limited to the Packanack Lodge roof issue.
  • Fixed Several ‘Stuck Spot’ Locations for Jason and Counselor Players.
  • Fixed Several Areas Where Counselors Could Reach Without Jason Being Able to Grab/Attack
  • Fixed Various Grab Kill Animations – Smoothed Out Animation Issues
  • Various Art Corrections in Cabins
  • Sound Effect Tweaks with Proper Audio Effects Applied on Various Map Items
  • Fixed Many ‘Floating Objects’ on Various Maps
  • Resolved Issues with Various Car Blocking Locations on Various Maps to Prevent Exploit
  • All Counselors Now React to Dead Bodies
  • Resolved Issues Involving Shift/Morph Powers on Maps
    • Jason Can No Longer Get Stuck on Unintended Areas on Crystal Lake Map or Higgins Haven Small Map
  • Fixed Victoria Pants Issue
  • Fixed Jason Part 5 Asset Issue
  • Fixed Various Sense Issues Involving Correct Color Display of Doors/Windows when Counselors are Either Inside or Outside a Structure
  • QoL Resolutions Involving Controller Disconnect Resolved for Menu Interactions
  • Animation Fixes for Jason
    • Small Fixes for Animations
    • Complete Animations
  • Fixed Issue with Emote Menu
    • No Longer On Screen if Used While Entering Car
  • Camera Fixed for Car Grab Animation
  • Various Single Player Challenge Kill Fixes
  • Smoothed Out Various Single Player Challenge Animations

Last year development on new content for Friday The 13th ended following a legal dispute regarding ownership of the IP.

Source: F13 forums

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