Star Trek Online: Awakening coming in September and a new Star Trek VR experience will follow

Star Trek fans are getting spoiled at the moment. In recent years the franchise has seen the rise of Star Trek: Discovery, and we’ll soon be treated to Star Trek: Picard. On the game front, the free to play MMO Star Trek Online has been chugging along while VR users have been able to take control of the bridge in Star Trek: Bridge Crew. It’s the gaming realm once again that gets some news today and there are two pieces of that.

The first announcement is that Star Trek Online’s Awakening content will be making contact on September 10th for PC, with the console release to follow at a later date. Awakening is the conclusion to the Age of Discovery story arc. In Awakening players travel to 2410 and are tasked to recover Mycelial technology which has been stolen by the Klingons. Lieutenant Commander Stamets from Discovery will be on hand to help via holograms. In addition to this story quest Awakening will also add new time rifts that players will have to close. complete a new Task Force operation, and take part in a Mycelial event. On completion of that event players will get the award of a T6 Elachi ship.

The second bit of Star Trek news comes from Sandbox VR. The company has revealed the Star Trek Discovery: Away Mission which will be rolling out at Sandbox VR locations across the world. This isn’t a home release but instead, players will be able to team up with friends at purpose-built locations and enter a full VR simulation using full-motion technology to get immersed in a Star Trek mission. Groups of six can work together to solve the mission where a distress call has come in, with puzzles to be cracked and enemies to blast with phasers. Sessions will last 30 minutes. The Away mission will first be available in Hong Kong and San Francisco, then Los Angeles, New York, Austin, San Diego and Chicago. A global release is expected in 2020.

Source: Press Release/Engadget

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