Monster Hunter World: Iceborne won’t be releasing until 2020 on PC

Capcom has confirmed the date on which the PC version of Monster Hunter: World’s massive’s expansion Iceborne will be released for PC, and it isn’t any time soon. While Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to get their hands on Iceborne on September 6th PC players will have to wait a further five months until January 2020. It’s common for the PC version of Monster Hunter World to lag behind the console version, but going by responses on Twitter PC players aren’t happy about the long gap.

Stefan recently went hands-on with Iceborne and recorded a nice little video which highlights the six things you need to know about the upcoming expansion.


If the written word is more your choice he also wrote a preview and within it concluded. ”

While it might not present a fresh starting point for those looking to get their first taste of Monster Hunter, Iceborne will check a lot of boxes for a lot of others. With a big new landmass to explore, giving a frosty new twist to the game, and plenty of new and returning beasts to take on (and with a new Master Rank difficulty for the absolute high end players), there’s plenty to look forward to in this expansion.”

However, Stefan did have some issues with the expansion during his play of the preview build. If you want to know what those were you can read the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne preview here.

Source: Twitter

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