Sumo Digital announce 2D brawler Pass The Punch

Sumo Digital have announced Pass The Punch, the latest in their fledgling series of self-published game. A 2D beat ’em up with super powers, ice cream and more, the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in late 2019.

The game is inspired by 80s and 90s Saturday morning cartoons – a rather familiar touchstone for developers in the last few years – following the story of Rush, a resident of New Atlas, as she fights the villains King Crab and Red Velvet, who are turning the world into a corporate dystopia.

Luckily, Rush and her three buddies Claud, Beetle and Wizard, are able to transform with super powers. Rush becomes a lightspeed boxing champ and Claud becomes a berserker thanks to his LARPer foam sword. They’ll be battling against hot sauce bottles, dancing disco mirror balls and affectionate ice cream cones, all personified as Crab and Velvet’s minions.

With a name like Pass The Punch, it had to feature co-op, but it only goes up to two players. You either play solo with an AI sidekick or in two-player local co-op. Part of the battle system is learning how to “pass the punch” for team up combo ultimate attacks that change depending on which characters are in use.

Pass The Punch is in development at Sumo’s Nottingham and Pune studios, just a small part of the seemingly ever-growing independent developer. Its development stemmed from an internal Sumo game jam, as the submission from creator David Dino.

Gary Dunn, Sumo Digital’s Managing Director said, “We have an enormous amount of creative talent in each of our seven studios and encourage every member of staff to take part in our game jams. David’s submission stood out for its ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ gameplay and follows in the footsteps of Snake Pass as a game jam concept that became a published product. It’s exciting and rewarding to see our teams’ imaginations deliver unique IP like this!”

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