Amy Hennig reveals we could have been playing Uncharted: Bob’s Fortune

Nolan North and Troy Baker’s Retro Replay series has a rather special guest, former Naughty Dog-er and game director on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Amy Hennig. She reveals the rather shocking news that if we had not taken to the wisecracking charm of Nathan Drake he would have been replaced in the sequel.

“The reason why it’s called Uncharted, and not Drake’s Fortune up top, it’s Uncharted because if he [Nolan North] completely tanked we would call it something else the next time, Uncharted: Bob’s Fortune.”


Nolan North’s expression on hearing this news is priceless, “Really?” he exclaims incredulously, “I was on that of fine a line and didn’t know it?!? Wow!”

You can see the moment in the video below at around the 7m30s mark.

It’s a great video and well worth a watch. Amy apologises for the rather boring jet-ski section in the game, “You know that part is sub-optimal but we just didnt have time to fix it” she says.

We also learn that the ‘slippery naked guys’ as Nolan has decided call them, are “anatomically correct”, according to Troy Baker. “There’s no physics,” laughs Amy, “There’s just some vague genitalia.”

Amy left Naughty Dog a while back to join Visceral Games and work on “Star Wars Uncharted”, but the project was canned and she left in June 2018 to start her own studio which will be working on virtual reality games.

Nathan Drake’s story was seemingly wrapped up with Uncharted: A Thief’s End and that was followed by the Drake free spin off, The Lost Legacy. Naughty Dog are busy finishing off The Last of Us Part II, but they do have two teams so they may also be working on Uncharted 5, or whatever the next one is called. Let’s just hope they have a better title than Uncharted: Bob’s Fortune.

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