What We Played #410 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Wolfenstein Youngblood & Dandy Dungeon

It’s kind of baffling me how it’s already August. My week has largely been spent wading through all of the invitations to see the seemingly billions of games at Gamescom this year, leaving me with a schedule that feels scarily devoid of meaningful breaks for lunch or caffeinated drinks.

When not fretting over an event that’s still a good three weeks away, my gaming time has been spent delving into Age of Wonder: Planetfall, and any 4X strategy fans can expect my review just ahead of its release next week. I also dipped a toe into Monster Hunter: World so that I wouldn’t feel like a fish out of water when then playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne at a preview event. The biggest thing that still baffles me is why the colon has shifted! Weird.

I also teamed up with Dom to play some Gears 5 multiplayer and, after heading back to Gears of War 3 and 4 multiplayer, we quickly determined that it’s all much the same.
He guided me through the start of Monster Hunter: World and took that shepherding spirit into his home life as he played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with his sons. Well, one of his sons. The youngest got a PS3 controller so that he only thought he was playing!

Jim’s been scratching his strategy game itch with Fire Emblem: Three Houses this week (a game I’ve still yet to start despite buying it at launch!). While he bounced off the series on 3DS, this iteration has him hooked and he’s loving the ability to forge relationships. Elsewhere he fired up the original Psychonauts and, though it’s showing its age a little, has still been enjoying the “fun little platformer”.

Jason’s found himself in the same boat as me with Fire Emblem. He got it and Super Mario Maker 2 for his birthday, but hasn’t played either of them, because he’s still hooked on Dandy Dungeon!

There’s been an unusual mix of games for Aran this week. Telefrag VR and Subdivision Infinity DX have both been in his console for review, while he’s been playing a bit of Red Dead Online with a friend – “we got into a shooting match after interrupting someone else’s mission,” he admitted. There’s also been more of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, “because I will complete that game one day.”

Also on an AC trip is Jake, who played Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation on Nintendo Switch, and has popped back into Destiny 2, only to find the Solstice event to be “awfully grindy.” Predictably, Tuffcub has also been grinding in Destiny 2 – “I really should play other games.”

Stepping back in time to the legends of Robin Hood, Ade played and reviewed Nocked! The True Tales of Robin Hood. He said, “I found it to not only be an excellent text adventure strategy hybrid thingy in its own right but also a terrific nostalgic callback to one of my first loves – Fighting Fantasy!” He’s also playing Spider-Man still and stated on Ancestors Legacy for review.

Unchanged from last week is Nick, who’s played Goat of Duty, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, while Gamoc has enjoyed Trials Rising and reckons that Blood and Truth is “probably the best VR game available.”

Steve has been sulking after losing an hour of progress in Fist of the North Star, so has consoled himself with the eFootball PES 2020 demo, while Miguel has got back into Monster Hunter World, dabbled with a bit of Super Monkey Ball on PS Vita, and continued to play a bunch of soul-sucking mobile gacha games.

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I have gave up on Gears of War far too much the same and I miss the old characters :(
    I have played The Sinking City and got the Platinum no. 389 (going to try get 400 this year)
    Going to practice Mortal Kombat II as I have enetered Challenger Series on Wednesday afternoon ^^

  2. The forest and disagea 5 for me. Loved the forest. Some very unique ideas and clever mechanisms.

    Tried to get into Diasgea when I bought it months ago but it didn’t click. Seems to this time and really enjoying its quirky nature!

    • The fun in a Disgaea game is learning how to break it after you’ve done the main story. How to abuse everything to make all the numbers big. Very big.

  3. Had a new idea for a visualiser and got it working in Dreams – i never expected to be doing anything other than fiddling about with the music editor in Dreams but creating visual stuff is becoming quite addictive! :)


  4. A lot of AC Odyssey this week, having picked up the season pass while it’s on sale. The amount of extra stuff there for under £20 is pretty decent. Did the 3 episodes of the Legacy of the First Blade.

    And yes, that controversial ending to episode 2 has to be one of the worst things ever done in a game. After the main game has choices that actually have some consequences, and giving you the ability to play as lovely sexy Alexios or, if you want to do it wrong, lady Alexios, and shag whoever you want, it then suddenly decides “fuck you, you’re having a kid”. Even worse, if you try and avoid it, it’s a bit vague and you end up with a kid and you’re left to assume he was drunk, maybe? Oh, and then the baby appears and looks absolutely terrifying. Creepy little thing.

    Started on the Fate of Atlantis stuff now, which is much better. Almost forgot how good the game can look. Synchronising the eagle points in Elysium shows the entire map, which is not exactly small for a DLC map.

    Apart from that (which took many hours, with many more to come), EA Access is proving good value. Battlefield V is fun enough, Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t great, but reasonably entertaining, and Unravel 2 is far too cute.

    Oh, and I gave in and got Tetris Effect while it’s on sale. The demo really didn’t do a great job of showing it off. The later levels look nice in VR, if you can notice the stuff going on, which you can’t if you’re trying to play Tetris. Still puts the board too far back and doesn’t remember where you moved it to. And some of the music is quite nice, but some of it is possibly the worst thing ever. One level sounds like someone pushed a bunch of pianos down the stairs.

    I still haven’t gone back to Detroit to get all the trophies, and I doubt I will. One collectible trophy to get, and a dozen or so for doing things wrong. Like their previous games, it’s not something you want to go back and do again. Not after making all those choices.

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