Sairento Untethered DLC plans announced by developer

Mixed Realms has taken to Reddit to confirm updates that are heading to Sairento Untethered, the smaller Oculus Quest spin-off of Sairento. In the post, the developers confirmed that there would be DLC heading to the game from August through to November with the content being maps and weapons. Mixed Realm is planning to charge $2.99 per DLC, and detailed a couple of the pieces of content that would be coming including the Sanctuary map and the Disintegrator weapon.

  1. The Sanctuary map features upper walkways surrounding an interior shrine area with 4 entrances. The shrine area serves as a temporary chokepoint, but beware your enemies performing flanking maneouvers! Holographic fishes lazily waft through the area, creating a fascinating and futuristic overlay over the traditional wood and stone elements.

  2. The Disintegrator is a high powered laser rifle, designed to vaporize your foes. A click of the trigger will fire a moderately damaging beam. By holding down the trigger, the Disintegrator will charge up, increasing the beam’s width, damage, and penetrating power. Releasing the trigger will unleash this charged up beam to great effect.

Mixed Realms also confirmed that in addition to the paid DLC there will be some free maps released too, though they will not be as big as the paid content. The studio is continuing to work on Sairento Untethered’s multiplayer component too and while there is no release date yet the content will be part of a free update for all Sairento Untethered owners. A contest was also announced in which the paid DLC will be awarded to the Top 10 recorded ninja moments from the game. Players are encouraged to send the team unedited footage of 15 seconds in length which shows off skills. The team will be looking to find the most stylish plays per month with the top ten players receiving the DLC. Players will be limited to sending in one entry to the team via email. Full details are here.

Source: Reddit

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