For Honor and Alan Wake are now available to download for free from the Epic Games Store

Here’s your friendly reminder that the nice people over at Epic are giving away two top tier games for free right now. You will need nothing more than an Epic Games Store account and patience as the games download.

You can find both titles, For Honor and Alan Wake, here.

We gave For Honor 8/10 in our review way back in February 2017. “For Honor joins Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Destiny, as a game that is destined to grow over time,” said Jim. “Right now it offers a strong core experience, but will ultimately be defined by months of rebalancing and a steady flow of new content. Having such a long tail will make For Honor even more enticing further down the line as it continues to snowball. That said, it’s refreshing and addictive enough at present to lure in anyone looking for a multiplayer game that defies the norm.”

Epic have been throwing money at the Store in an attempt to break Steam’s monopoly and recently announced that they would cover any refunds for dissatisfied backers of Shenmue III and any other crowdfunded games that go exclusive to the store.

Tetris Effect, Twim Mirror, Heavy Rain, Control, Metro Exodus, and the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead are all exclusive to the store and other games are expected to follow including selected releases from Ubisoft.

Rebellion CEO and co-founder Jason Kingsley said he would need a “bloody good reason” to make their future games Epic Games Store exclusives but they have decided to do just that for the upcoming Zombie Army 4.

Generally I think I would prefer not to do exclusives but I understand Epic’s position with it, and quite frankly they are paying through the nose to build their store,” Jason said. “We’ll take some of their money, thank you very much,” he added.

Source: Epic

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  1. Not even free games will entice me to use the Epic Store. This whole exclusives shit pisses me off and Zombie Army 4 is right at the top of that shit pile!

  2. “You will need nothing more than an Epic Games Store account and patience”

    And an account with Ubisoft if you want to download For Honor too. Which might involve remembering a password you used once 2 years ago.

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