Apex Legends’ Iron Crown Collection event will add Solos mode

Respawn’s Apex Legends is an entertaining battle royale title that managed to bring some fresh ideas to a genre that is quickly becoming crowded as more and more try to become the next big thing. The main focus of Apex Legends is that teams of three work together to face off against other squads and become the champions. Teammates revive each other, provide cover for each other, ping gear for each other so they can benefit (unless it’s the Mozambique gun). The fact of the matter is in Apex Legends teamwork is how you win.

Well that’s about to change.


Taking to Twitter Respawn announced the Iron Crown Collection event which will run for a limited time from August 13th until August 27th. The main part of this event is that for those two weeks there will be Solo focused matches. No teams. Just you, your wits, and your weapons as you face down the other players that will be looking for glory in Apex Legends. Respawn’s venture into the battle royale space proved popular as in its first month 50 million players took to the game. Last month Season 2 for Apex Legends launched changing the landscape of King’s Canyon, the new legend Wattson was added, and a ton of content added too. Of course, like any multiplayer game there will be cheaters so as well as banning them Respawn also decided to have cheaters match with each other allowing the more honest players to play in peace. In this case cheaters don’t prosper.

We’ll have all the update details when the Iron Crown Collection event launches next week.

Source: Twitter

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