DC Universe Online brings Batman, Superman, and the Justice League to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t exactly have a shortage of new games to play right now, last month seeing the launch two major exclusives including Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

However, if neither of those take your fancy – or you simply don’t have the money to splash out on a new game – here’s some good news: superhero MMO DC Universe Online is now available on Nintendo Switch and it’s completely free to play.


Developed by Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) the game launched almost a decade ago for PlayStation 3 and PC. Back in 2011 we scored it a mighty 9/10 in our review, amazed that DC Universe Online worked so well on console, praising its combination of action heavy combat and classic character designs.

You can find the game in the Nintendo Switch eShop where it’s free to download with no upfront purchase required. Just make sure you have some room on your memory card – DCUO eats up a sizeable 24.1GB and is bound to grow with future content drops.

This version of the enduring MMORPG boasts the same robust features and content than its PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC counterparts though there’s bound to be some differences in terms of visual fidelity and performance. It’s also worth mentioning that the Switch servers exist separately with no option for cross play or importing your DCUO account and characters.

Although the base game is free to play, naturally there’s plenty of content locked behind various paywalls. Certain superpowers need to be purchased separately, the same also applying to “Episodes” which contain new story missions and other endgame content.

You can cherry pick exactly which add-ons you’d like though there are value bundles available too. Alternatively, DCUO’s £12.99 monthly membership gives you access to everything, plus a few extra loyalty bonuses.

It’s certainly been a while since we last set foot in Metropolis or Gotham, though the Switch’s portable factor means we’ll definitely be suiting up for a return visit.

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  1. This brings some memories back – shame that you can’t carry over your data, or cross-play with other formats :-/

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