Asteroids meets Snake meets Invaders meets racing in upcoming indie game Watch This Space

For anyone of a certain age – ie. anyone who played an Atari 2600 in the mid-80’s – Watch This Space may just be the answer to your childhood fever dreams. Sure, Asteroids was, and is a bonafide classic, but what if you mixed it with Snake? And Space Invaders? And also a racing game? And, apparently, golf as well? Well the answer appears to be Watch This Space,  the new game from Phil Buchanan and It’s Anectodal, the indie dev behind last year’s Victorian-set 39 Days To Mars.


Already selected as one of the showcase games at the Boston Festival of Indie Games this September, the game takes the core idea behind a number of classic arcade games and updates them for a modern audience. Watch This Space will be multiplayer focussed, and while you can still shoot the asteroids like old people did many moons ago, you can now also eat them, race them, or actually become them. It all sounds pretty bonkers, but the announcement trailer looks like brilliant fun. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best, while the ideas that mash all the simple ideas together will be obviously be the besterest.

Multiplayer will cater for up to four players, with “unexpected and delightfully surprising interactions” and there’s even going to be a choice of characters, each of which have different special abilities to make eating, shooting and being asteroids better in some manner. It looks as though Phil Buchanan has succeeded in his mission which was to “update classic arcade games for a modern audience, by making them faster, multiplayer, and by letting you play all of them together at the same time.” and as a colourful, crazy take on some classic themes we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Watch This Space will release into Early Access later in 2019.

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