Children of Morta will be releasing in September for PC, console launch to follow

11 Bit and Dead Mage have confirmed that the roguelike RPG title Children of Morta will be released for PC on September 3rd, with the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch releases to follow just over a month later on October 15th. The game itself is about the land of Mount Morta which has transformed from a once peaceful land to somewhere that has been overcome by monsters and darkness, putting the inhabitants in danger. In this RPG it’s all about saving your family from the threat.


The Bergson family members will have their own skills which are inherited such as being better in close combat or attacking from range. As players make their way through the game they will be faced with choices that will require sacrifices. The aim is to build emotional bonds with the characters which will make some the choices much harder to make. There will be a total of six playable characters from the Bergsons. The world itself will constantly be changing so no two runs through areas will be the same experience, meaning you’ll have to keep your wits about you as different dangers appear in the various biomes.

Source: Press Release

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