FIFA 20’s Career Mode will have some major changes

EA has confirmed the details for FIFA 20’s career mode and fans of it will have a lot to play with both on and off the pitch. As per usual you’ll be able to do a player or manager career but there will be new ways in which to interact with the team, the fans, and the media. One of those big editions will be pre-match and post-match press conferences before certain games which can impact how the team performs on the pitch.

During these conferences managers will be able to chat about what objectives they have for the team as well as criticize, motivate, or praise their players. Every player will react differently to how you approach these conferences so criticizing one player could motivate them while another may feel demotivated so perform worse during a match. These reactions will feed into wider storylines that can affect relationships between players and the manager as well, leading to a team that could turn on your manager if things really go sour.


One on one conversations will happen with players too through an app within the game, where you can discuss issues like performances which again can affect the relationship between a player and manager, as well as impact the manager rating as either good or bad. Player Morale will also be important and this will be affected by solo performances, team performances, the wages they want, and the time they get on the pitch. The lower the morale the lower the faith in the manager and the worse they’ll perform.

The create a manager area has been overhauled too giving players a chance to really customise their avatars, and for the first time there will be the option to choose a female manager. Outfits can also be changed at will so don’t worry about selecting that standard suit at the beginning and being stuck with it forever. On the News tab real moments of gameplay will be captured to properly give context to stories within Career mode too. The user interface will also have league centric graphics for the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander and MLS.

Player potential has also been retuned so that their stats properly reflect what has happened on the pitch, be they a prolific goalscorer, golden glove worthy keeper, or a senior player still commanding the pitch. In addition, there are a ton of other changes to expect, like new negotiation areas.

Spot Fixes and Balancing Changes

  • Added an option in the Player Actions pop-up to add a player to the shortlist and immediately go to the Transfer Hub with the respective player.
  • Redesigned Team Management layout to allow for easier player attribute comparison.
  • Added an option to disable International Management job offers at the start of a new career.
  • Increased the initial Composure attribute values for generated youth players and redistributed weights for player growth between physical, mental and skill attributes to allow for more physical growth.
  • Improved distribution of ethnicity within a country when generating youth players.
  • Significantly increased the initial amounts for wage budget allocation.
  • Increased the player value of defensive players based on the latest transfer market activity.
  • Fixed multiple issues with leagues that split into play-offs after the end of the regular season. League objectives are now correctly tracking the play-off instead of the regular season standings. Champions celebrations are triggered at the end of the play-offs.
  • Improved the algorithm used by AI teams to determine their starting XI. Moving forward you should see far fewer instances in which the opponent isn’t using their prime starting XI in important matches.
  • Re-adjusted the number of saves to 8, inside Career Mode, to address the feedback received from our players during the ’19 cycle.

Competition Changes

  • Fixed multiple fixture congestion issues. The winter break roll out this season as well as the removal of the FA Cup 5th Round Replay have improved fixture congestion issues in English leagues. We’ve slightly altered the authentic schedule of the English Championship by pushing its completion to a later date. This ensures that schedule conflict situations between Championship rounds and European football nights aren’t possible. A lot of the congestion issues reported by the community were happening with mid-week league rounds happening at the same time as European football, which, although unlikely in the real world, is a common occurrence in Career Mode.
  • Added the new format and schedule of the Spanish Supercup.
  • Added support to round down the points in leagues that split into play-offs and halve the points such as the Austrian Bundesliga.
  • Updated usage of the 4th substitute in extra time to all competitions that support this new law of the game.
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