The Surge 2 is having a new closed beta with limited spaces, details here

Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 have announced a very limited beta test for The Surge 2 on PC with only 1,000 places available. Here’s what they had to say

The team has been working hard on The Surge 2 and we’ve now reached a stage at which we’d like to gather another round of feedback about the game. Your reports will be instrumental in order to polish the experience as much as possible.

Thanks a lot to those who participated in the first closed beta, your feedback was very valuable and helped us bring this new iteration to you all!

We’re looking for approximately 1,000 players to participate in this private Closed Beta for The Surge 2.

This beta will last from August 15th to August 26th, 2019.

You will need to be 18 or over, having a PC and a Steam account, and speak English or French to give feedback to the dev team. You can sign up for the beta here. As it’s a closed beta there will be no opportunities to share screens or stream the game.


Last month we headed across the channel to Paris for a chat with Deck 13 and a generous five hour hands on preview of the game, plus a chat with Head of Production Johannes Bickle. He explained how they have refined the trademark dismemberment mechanics found in the first game.

“This was really essential to us to keep what was working and expand on it,” Johannes explained. “We were sure that we found the formula there with the limb cutting, so it just could not go! To separate us from just being recognised as a clone of Souls games to something else we added this twist, so we were sure we had to keep it.

He continued, “You will feel that with each enemy you have several new options, like that you can cut away attachments, which deactivate functionality on the enemy and can open up weak spots. The same for bosses which was not really there in The Surge. Bosses can survive a cut, but you can remove the shield, you can bring them to their knees and can suddenly reach the head which was not open before and so on. It was like ‘We need a base. That’s our core, we will not touch it!’ But we will use it to give the player freedom of choice and more choices to play with.”

We also had another preview of the game back in April, you can read that one here. 

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  1. Not going to sign up for this but this was one of my favourite PS+ games last year. A genuinely great game. A lot of hope for this one too.

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