What We Played #411 – Sniper Elite 4, Days Gone & Age of Wonders: Planetfall

It’s been another week where I feel like I’ve just been flinging emails back and forth, but I do vaguely remember playing some games as well. Age of Wonders: Planetfall was most of my weekend, as I blazed a trail to try and get our review finished in time, and I did rather enjoy having a big 4X game on console.

I also returned to Just Cause 4, to have a quick gander at the upcoming Danger Rising DLC. Fun fact, this was originally called The Agency Strike Back, but I feel it’s evoking a very different 80s film sequel, what with Rico channelling his inner Marty McFly with a rather Back to the Future Part II hoverboard.

Jim has been trying to clear some hard drive space on his PS4, jumping back into Days Gone to have a ride around for one last time – “It’s a fun game and Deacon is unintentionally likeable through Sam Witwer’s goofball performance. That said, Days Gone is way too bloated – I’ve had way more fun dipping into its challenges, one of which turns the game into a post-apocalyptic Crazy Taxi!”

With one game deleted, he’s now moved on to Metro: Exodus, another game that he’s enjoying despite its rough edges, has returned to Monster Hunter: World ahead of its colon shift with the Iceborne expansion release in September, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Also playing Fire Emblem is Jason, who’s been enjoying it much more than he has Destiny 2 and Fortnite. He’s also been convinced to return to Anthem for the Cataclysm update and event. He wishes he hadn’t.

It’s been more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for Aran, who’d now hit 130 hours of playtime and yet only 80% of regions uncovered. Ripping him out of Ancient Greece, he also reviewed the rather relaxing Gravity Ghost.

Jake has been cobbling together his first level in Super Mario Maker 2 – T92-QFH-NQG if you want too check it out – while Steve has been playing Gibbous and Horace for review, which are two separate games despite sounding like an occult detective show… or a ska band. 

Both Ade and Gamoc took advantage of took advantage of Sniper Elite 4 being on PS+, but to different degrees. Ade was simply reminded why he doesn’t like 3D stealth games, so consoled himself by going to grab the platinum trophy in Spider-Man, while Gamoc enjoyed its over the top kill cams and pretty good sniping, before popping a PSVR on his face and playing some more Blood & Truth, Trover Saves the World, and Wipeout VR. Oh, and an “obnoxious” amount of Trials Rising.

Miguel just messed around in Tekken 7 and a bit of Rainbow Six Siege, while Tuffcub just played Destiny 2. Obviously.

Finally, Dom has played a cocktail of Madden 20, Pawarumi and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, as well as enjoying a spot of Empires of the Undergrowth and Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator with his son. “He’s now a total member of the master race by picking to play on the PC at every given opportunity!”

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Same as last week, really.

    Tetris Effect is a surprisingly fun version of Tetris, despite some horrible music.

    And Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is far too big. On to chapter 2 of the second set of DLC. And did a bit more of the main game, which I still don’t appear to be anywhere near finishing. Not with all those extra bits they keep adding.

    VR fun was mostly Honor & Duty: D-Day again. The regular people who play it a lot are all fun. And still foolishly get in a jeep with me.

    I guess next week will be the big VR update for NMS. Looking forward to that. Might even start a whole new game for it. Although after the last big update, I might not have an option. Killed off all my saved games.

    • I might start again to experience it in VR. Did you see any of the details revealed yesterday? On top of all the VR/Online stuff there’ll be some sort of food/recipe/space-deliveroo system, electricity and logic circuits (they apparently built a working ‘version’ of rocket league) and there’s critter farming, taming, riding and … milking! xD

      • I’ve been kind of ignoring everything other than “you can play it all in VR”. It’d be a fun surprise to discover you can “milk” the creatures. Although how do you discover that without looking like a pervert?

        I did see something about crab racing though.

  2. I was quite busy this week, was working on my backlog which meant playing ni no kuni on PS3, which i originally started back in 2013, Persona 4 Golden, which i also started in 2013, and never managed to finish, and Okami on PS4, which i played to completion back on PS2, about halfway through on PS3, and now i plan it to be my 100th Platinum. Got me EA Access and played a bit of Need for Speed Payback, reckoning even if i play nothing else (which i doubt) i got my moneys worth… Downloaded Sniper Elite 4 from PS+ and played a little Coop with a friend, the Overwatch mode is really cool, just a shame theres only two maps for it… And finally, i also got Planetfall which i really like so far, just the right kind of complex but not overwhelming.

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