Don’t Even Think tops the PS4 July free-to-play charts

Fortnite has been bumped off the top spot for most downloaded free-to-play game on PlayStation 4. July’s download charts for the US saw the rise of an unlikely upstart: a new, absolutely bonkers battle royale game called Don’t Even Think.

Developed by Dark Horse Game Studio (there’s some irony in that name) the Chinese published PUBG competitor launched with seemingly no preamble, appearing out of nowhere. However, after making its debut on the PlayStation Store at the beginning of the month, Don’t Even Think has shot right to the top.


Not only has it surpassed Epic’s money making monolith, Don’t Even Think also left Apex Legends in its wake, as well as co-op action RPG Dauntless, Warframe, and Paladins, among others.

That’s quite a landmark achievement, though we have doubts those who install this game will stick around. We reviewed Don’t Even Think soon after its launch and we were left frustrated and confused, scoring the game a measly 2/10.

Here’s our summary:

We’ve seen some bad permutations of the battle royale genre, but this one takes the dog biscuit. Don’t Even Think is an opportunistic trainwreck that, while free to play, will leave you feeling emotionally out of pocket.

It’s functional and – to its credit – tries to do something new by adding player controlled werewolves into the mix. However, this feels like something that felt bolted on at the last minute instead of being the core around which the rest Don’t Even Think was built.

There’s only one map and a sparse selection of cosmetics. However, that hasn’t stopped publisher Perfect World Games from trying to land itself a whale, charging almost $100 for its most expensive microtransaction – a crappy werewolf skin.

Currently, to access an English version of Don’t Even Think, you will need to download it via the US PlayStation Store.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog US

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  1. To access an English version of Don’t Even Think, you will not only need to download it via the US PlayStation Store, but also play it through the US account.

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