Knights and Bikes finally rides to release later this month

A good three years after its original announcement and Kickstarter campaign, and having felt like a mainstay of British industry shows like Rezzed since then, Knight and Bikes has a release date at long last! The uniquely styled action adventure will be coming to PS4, Windows, Mac and Linux on 27th August.

Coming from Foam Sword, a two person team of Rex Crowle and Moo Yu who met at Media Molecule during LittleBigPlanet’s development, and published under the Double Fine Presents label, the game is set on the British island in the 1980s as Nessa and Demelza head out on adventure, doing so on their trusty bikes.


Here’s the most recent trailer from way back at E3 2018:

Knights & Bikes is a coming-of-age story for 1-2 players, whether local or online, as you chase after the Lost Treasure of Penfurzy. The two friends, their pet goose and the pickled head of an undead knight found the Penfurzy Rebel Bicycle Club, facing off against dangers with frisbees, water balloons, an amplified boom box, and more, with the spoils from their adventure going to upgrading their bikes to better handle what the island throws their way.

Being published by Double Fine puts an interesting spin on the game’s release, with the renowned independent American developer no longer being, well… independent. Announced at E3, Double Fine have joined Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, but as with many of Microsoft’s acquisitions in the last few years, the studio still has outstanding business as an independent developer. Psychonauts 2’s development, for one thing! While it seems as though games such as Knights & Bikes will still end up published under the Double Fine Presents name, the long term future of the label is unknown at this point.

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