Bubble Bobble 4 Friends announced as a Switch exclusive

Taito Corporation has revealed a new entry to the Bubble Bobble series, and that is Bubble Bobble 4 Friends which will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This sequel will allow up to four players to play the game together, hence the name Bubble Bobble 4 Friends. How clever. According to the game’s blurb the story takes place after toys in a child’s room come to life. Bub the friendly dragon is one of those toys and he is challenged to events by the more jealous magician Bonner.


Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will be released in Europe first on November 18th with a North American release to follow at some point in 2020. The reason for this split release date was stated by Taito Executive Officer Hiroshi Uemura who said:

“Bubble Bobble is an extremely popular title in Europe, so we decided to implement a pre-sale in Europe in conjunction with ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games. It is also the first internally developed title since Taito has re-entered the consumer market, and the development team is thrilled to be working on this famous IP. I deeply hope that many people will enjoy it”

There will be a collector’s edition released by Strictly Limited Games.

Source: Press Release

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    • Guess you’ll be getting a Switch?

  2. Looks like a pretty big step back from rainbow islands and parasol stars. Dissapointed by the switch exclusive as well. Booooo!

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