Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise operators and gadgets revealed

Rainbow Six Siege is currently gearing up for its third season of Year 4 content. During its Raleigh Six Major esports tournament in North Carolina, the team at Ubisoft Montreal will give the Siege community a proper in depth look at every that’s in the pipeline.

However, as with previous seasons, there’s been no shortage of teasers, speculation, and fan theories, not to mention full on leaks. Last week, two pieces of artwork were posted online reportedly showing off the character designs of the two newest operators joining Rainbow Six.

Well, that leak was completely legit, backed up by Ubisoft’s own finalised artwork for Year 4 Season 3.

New operators – what do we know?

We’re not likely to see any gameplay for the two new operators until the official panel taking place at the Six Major this Sunday. However, over the past several weeks, the Siege community has continued to piece together clues as to who these new characters are and which gadgets they’ll be bringing into battle.

Both operators hail from CTUs based in Latin America. For a while we’ve known that one of them will hail from Peru and the other from Mexico. We now have names for the pair with Amaru being a new female attacker with Goyo being the male defender.

A new teaser posted by Ubisoft gives us a clear look at the gadgets these two will be rolling with. Amaru will be packing the “Garra Hook”, a device that will seemingly allow her to grapple through windows (and potentially hatches, too).

Meanwhile Goyo can deploy what is known as the Volcan Shield. From the cinematic teaser, this appears to look like your basic defensive placement though have a fuel canister cheekily tucked behind. When shot, this will obviously explode and potentially kill enemies and friendlies nearby.

Ember Rise release date?

Don’t expect Ubisoft to announce exactly when Ember Rise will be launching, not even during its upcoming panel on Sunday evening. Typically, we won’t find out for another few weeks, the new content being added to test servers before going public. Looking at the track record of previous season, we expect Ember Rise to land on the second week of September.

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