Wanderlust: Travel Stories will now be released in September

Last month the travelogue narrative title Wanderlust: Travel Stories was revealed. In the game, players are in charge of guiding travellers through their adventures while also making sure they remain happy and have enough money to continue their trips. Wanderlust was scheduled to be released this month, however, there has now been a delay. Instead the new date for the release of Wanderlust: Travel Stories is now September 26th.


The reason for the delay was given as follows:

“After many discussions with our publisher, in order to deliver the quality expected by both players and us, we feel that we need a little bit more time to polish the game and make it a perfect digital travel experience. We apologize for the small delay.”

In our preview of Wanderlust: Travel Stories I wrote, “Wanderlust: Travel Stories does present something a bit different from your typical gaming fare – you could perhaps compare it to the fantastic 80 Days. Though there are elements of micromanagement it looks like the game itself is shaping up to be a quite relaxing experience, with the core aspect about exploring the various points of our planet. The final release will include locations such as Spain, Argentina and more, with over twelve hours of gameplay.”

Wanderlust is set to be released on PC, Mac, and iOS.

Source: Press Release

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