Doom & Doom II re-release patch is now out to remove login requirement

Bethesda has now released a patch for the re-releases of Doom & Doom II in which the requirement to sign into a Bethesda account can now be skipped, and the message stating players have been disconnected from the network has been removed. The sign in option was originally part of the game so those with Slayer club memberships could link the accounts to the game, though it was mandatory which put a lot of people off.  This isn’t a permanent solution though as Bethesda is going to continue to find ways to remove the log in screen completely from the games.


The original Doom trilogy was surprise-released a few weeks ago for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as QuakeCon got underway. It was around that time when Bethesda had to begin addressing issues. First off those who had bought Doom and Doom II on Xbox 360 got locked out of that content on Xbox One, but Bethesda did fix that. The issue regarding the login situation has required more time since the company acknowledged that having to sign into a BethesdaNet account being a requirement was incorrect and would be removed as soon as it was viable.

Bethesda has released the trilogy of games no doubt to build up awareness for Doom Eternal which will be released on November 22nd for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Doom Eternal will have a new mode called Battle Mode in which two players are demons and have to attempt to subdue the third player who takes on the role of Doom Slayer. Demon players will have access to a number of different types while the Doom Slayer can access all their weapons. At launch, there will be five maps to play in the mode. You can check out a full gameplay presentation of Doom Eternal right here.

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