ACE Team reveals open world survival title The Eternal Cylinder

ACE Team has announced its brand new title called The Eternal Cylinder and this is the developers take on an open-world survival title. In The Eternal Cylinder it isn’t one person or creature players are responsible for keeping alive but a whole herd of creatures called Trebhums. The Trebhums are going around an alien planet looking for ways to survive while competing with other creatures that live on the planet. However, it isn’t the other creatures. Instead, a giant Cylinder continuously rolls around the planet and crushes everything in front of it, meaning the Trebhums have to keep moving forward to survive.


The world that Trebhums inhabit that is procedurally generated with animal AI always changing and there’s always destruction. Along with the destruction of the world there are a number of puzzles to solve. As Trebhums run around for survival new mutations will make themselves known such as flying and swimming, with different members of the group gaining different mutations to survive in the unforgiving world of the Cylinder. Mutations don’t get removed if another appears with these growing alongside each other allowing players to stack them. There are over 50 mutations alongside flying and swimming like growing fur to survive the cold, grasshopper legs to jump higher, cactus skin so predators find it difficult to eat Trebums,

There are four biomes including the savannah, tundra, desert, while the fourth one remains a mystery for now. As the world generates you won’t know which environment your Trebhums will need to survive in. There are over 30 animal species that roam the planet which each having its own behaviour including ones that will hunt for food, and Trebhums may just be on the menu for some of them. Others may be more docile and prove valuable to the survival of the Trebhums.

A private beta will be taking place for The Eternal Cylinder and you can sign up here. The Eternal Cylinder will be released for consoles and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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