Earn a Fire Emblem: Three Houses award in the next Tetris 99 Grand Prix

Nintendo has confirmed the next Tetris 99 Grand Prix, an event which will start on August 23rd and run until August 27th. This is the sixth Grand Prix event for the game with this one having a special crossover with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With this crossover players who manage to earn 100 points across rounds will be rewarded with a Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme. Unfortunately, there’s no glimpse of what this theme would actually look like.

Tetris 99 is accessible to those who have a Switch Online account. If you’re yet to try out this madness of a battle royale concept you should see what Stefan wrote:

“But in many ways, this is the purest form of Battle Royale we’ve seen thus far. You start with an even playing field on which pure skill can thrive as the field of players closes in, but because of that there’s also less chance for people to get lucky with good gear or to let others fight it out while you simply bide your time. Once you get to the final ten, you need to be a dab hand at Tetris or go home.”

You can read his impressions here. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has proven to be a hit too by topping the UK chart not once but twice. In the review for Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dom wrote:

“With the Switch’s delightful dual abilities, Three Houses fittingly bookends the series’ triumphant run on the 3DS and becomes the first big-screen outing in over a decade. It also surpasses them all. A masterpiece of strategy, story-telling and intertwining relationships, Three Houses deserves to make Intelligent Systems a household name.”

You can read the Fire Emblem: Three Houses review here. If you have the game but need a bit of a hand then check out our Fire Emblem: Three Houses beginners guide.

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