What We Played #412 – Monster Hunter: World, Destiny 2 & No Man’s Sky Beyond

I’ve got man flu which, of course, means that the world is coming to an end. At least I’ve got some good games to keep me company in my hour of need as I’m ploughing through both Astral Chain and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne well in advance of either release. I’ve also played Pawarumi, which was a great surprise and has revitalised my love for some good old Shmups, and I’ve got a Flip Grip so that I can play Ikaruga in the best way possible. Here’s hoping I don’t drown in my own snot before I get to fully enjoy it!

Jim has put Fire Emblem on the back burner for the time being this week. Instead, he’s dipped into DC Universe Online; “It’s been fun and weirdly nostalgic given how much time I pumped into the original version at launch nearly a decade ago”. He also breezed through a nice little indie thriller called Sagebrush, and has returned with me to Monster Hunter: World. “Despite being my top game of 2018, I was too nervous to wade back in after my initial run. However, with Iceborne a few weeks out, I’ve been crossing off those last few Elder Dragons so I can progress into the expansion. It’s been tough doing these solo, but this has done nothing but galvanise my love for Capcom’s latest entry in the franchise.”

Aran has been playing Exception for review, “which is a nice and fun platformer that is currently having issues ironed out”. He also made a ton of progress in AC Odyssey by taking out quite a few cult members. There’s apparently just a few more to find, but I find that hard to believe. It’s endless right? While we missed Nick P last week, he’s played and finished the awesome Transformers Devastation, which he reckons was a lot better the second time around, and has been testing himself with Automachef, which might be one of the most absurdly difficult games he’s ever played.

Jason has been playing through Destiny 2, where he’s still grinding for the purple solstice armour, and Minecraft, where he’s been flying around and taking pictures. TC has also been playing Destiny 2, obviously, but has been able to supplement this with Man of Medan, which he’ll be reviewing for its launch at the end of this month.

There’s not been much on for Steve this week. He finished the excellent Horace for review (which you’ll see on Monday) and got started on Apsoluv: End of Gods. He’s also still plugging away at Fist of North Star, but has been away from his PS4 most of the time.

Ade has played Ancestors Legacy for review which, “whilst aiming for dour solemnity, was unintentionally hilarious thanks to a character who dropped F and C bombs every moment they could. I’ve also been playing Redeemer for review. It’s a really stupid and violent beat ’em up. Kinda fun though.”

Miguel has been playing Monster Hunter: World pretty regularly, hopping on in the morning to do the daily bounties for those seasonal event tickets he missed out on. He also played a bunch of fighting games with some pals like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and has been desperately on the hunt for a specific type of mobile game that he’s not sure exists yet (in English). Maybe you can help him out?

I’ve been trying to find a bullet hell/shmup game with a character gacha system or just a huge variety of unlockable or special characters. So far I haven’t struck gold yet, but the search continues.

Gamoc has played a couple hours of No Man’s Sky to have a quick look at it in VR – “it’s nice” – and try out the Move controls – “super weird”. He also spent about an hour of UFC 3 in Ultimate Team, “which continues to be a mode that would be fun if not hamstrung by microtransactions”. He also played some Sairento VR over the weekend, which means he finally achieved his life ambition of being a cyber ninja.

Finally, Tef’s been hooked, lined and sinkered by the dip in, AFK gameplay of Starborne. Even though he’s going to lose it all when he heads off to Gamescom next week, he’s built up a fledgeling little star empire and enjoyed learning the MMORTS’ simple incremental systems. Aside from that, he got to spend a little time playing WRC 8 and thinks it’s got a shot at Dirt Rally 2.0’s crown. We won’t have long to find out if it does, since it’s out at the start of September!

What might you have played?

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  1. Oh where to begin?
    I am still playing Mortal Kombat 11 as I am loving the Online Season and have reached Champion Rank.
    Went back to Spider-Man and started on the DLC and have completed 2 DLC and on my last one The Silver Linings which I plan to complete it 100% tonight.
    Was recommended to play a free to play game called Warface and I am enjoying it as I am missing out on multiplayer as Call of Duty is so far away and Battlefield online trophies is still broken since May, so this will have to do.
    Lastly just completed Get Even there was a confusing game to start but had a good wee story if paying attention and it does get trippy at times lol. I am going to mop up the remaining trophies on Get Even for the Platinum this weekend I guess.

    Have a great gaming weekend folks.

    • I was hoping you’d give us an essay on NMS in VR! Never mind, I’ll check back next week :)

      No games for me, I’ve been reluctant to go back to Knack as I’m really not enjoying it. But then, I can’t leave a game unfinished and my trophy collection below 50%. Damn my irrational compulsions!

  2. Obviously lots of NMS with the big update. Still having issues with the base building and what appears to be weird hidden limits on how much you can build. Or maybe it’s a bug. Because the whole thing is obviously full of weird bugs. Although someone did manage to join my game. Just as I was being attacked by pirates. Which are much easier to deal with in VR, for some reason.

    Also finally got around to Trover Saves the Universe. Which is lots of sweary fun, if you like Ricky & Morty.

    And a bit of Firewall. They didn’t completely break the game with the latest update. Just managed to lock everyone out of all the stuff they’d paid for with the previous one. The new map is nice, the new character with his throwing knives is fun, and motion sensors have completely changed how everyone’s playing, at least for now. More impressed than with the previous update.

    Plus a bit (or “several hours”) of Honor & Duty again. It’s just fun and a friendly bunch of people playing it. Helps when you have a good day and completely slaughter everyone on the free for all mode and win by quite a margin.

  3. I’m late for this again..
    But i’ve mostly been playing NMS VR, fortunately avoiding any of the serious bugs that others have suffered. Despite the visual downgrade, experiencing NMS in VR is full of wow. Had my first space combat/pirate encounter last night and it was awesome. I’ve had such a wide grin on my face playing this that if i was a girl i’d have lipstick all over my ears. xD

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