MediEvil PS4 remake will launch alongside new comic

Here’s some unexpected news for those die hard MediEvil fans out there. To celebrate the launch of the upcoming MediEvil PS4 remake, there’s a new comic being written by the game’s original co-creators.

Chris Sorrell and Jay Gunn have collaborated on a new story titled “Fate’s Arrow”. This takes place after the events of MediEvil 2 and will reportedly have Sir Daniel Fortesque travelling back in time where he’ll meet a much younger, less dead version of himself.

According to the blurb, he must (re)experience the events leading up to the legendary battle in which he first lost his life. This means rekindling old friendships and no doubt going toe to toe with a cavalcade of villains he’s already vanquished, all in a bid to save the kingdom and become the Hero of Gallowmere.

MediEvil may not trigger the same mass nostalgia than some other PlayStation mascots such as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro though it’s great to see Sony backing such a cool tie-in for fans. According to Jay Gunn, this is the unfinished chapter they’ve been wanting to work on for a while now so both of them leapt at the opportunity to dive back into MediEvil’s quirky fantasy world once again.

Fate’s Arrow will launch on October 29th, just a few days after the release of MediEvil on PlayStation 4. In a recent behind the scenes look at the remake, developer Other Ocean showed off some brand new footage while also giving us an insight into how the studio has gone about rebuilding this PlayStation classic.

With access to the original source code, the team even hint at restoring content that sadly never made it to full release though we’ll have to wait until October to find out.

Published by Titan Comics, a hardback version of the graphic novel is available to pre-order via Amazon for around a tenner. There’s no word on the page count though hopefully there’s plenty there for MediEvil fans to sink their teeth into this Halloween.

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