Sega’s Humankind is looking to dethrone Civilization in 2020

It’s not even day one at Gamescom 2019 and already the announcements are coming thick and fast. Sega has just unveiled a new upcoming game titled “Humankind” that could give strategy mainstays such as Civilization a real run for their money when it launches next year.

Humankind, as the name suggests, is focused on human societies throughout history, from the neolithic era to the modern day as we know it.


This ambitious turn-based strategy game will let players nurture and sculpt their very own civilization, combining a whole mixture of traits and innovations from cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Khmers, and Vikings.

Humankind will also feature a battle system as well as ways of cementing the legacy of your people’s legacy through famous achievements.

It’s an intriguing premise and one being handled by top flight strategy game specialists, Amplitude Studios. This is the same team that brought us both Endless Space and Endless Legend.

Sega launched a teaser last week for its new strategy game tagged with the word “HMKD”. This was accompanied by an image which appeared to be a black and green monitor displaying vital signs.

The black and green colouring led many to speculate that the announcement would be Alien related. Back in 2014 (almost half a decade ago!) Sega and Total War studio, Creative Assembly, launched Alien: Isolation which continues to be one of the more memorable horror games of this console generation.

The Japanese game publisher is best known for its run of early home consoles and a certain blue hedgehog but it’s no stranger to the strategy genre.

The aforementioned Total War series is one of the most recognisable names in strategy gaming, CA having recently launched its fantastic Warhammer spin-off series. Speaking of Warhammer, Sega still owns the rights to the Dawn of War franchise, developer Relic Entertainment also known for World War II strategy series, Company of Heroes.

Humankind launches on PC in 2020. With a build of game playable at Gamescom we’ll soon be seeing some first impressions go live.

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