Sony has bought Insomniac Games

Sony and Insomniac Games’ partnership goes back console generations. The studio has developed games such as the Ratchet & Clank franchise as well as the Resistance games. Insomniac briefly flirted with Microsoft and created Sunset Overdrive though that didn’t quite become the hit the studio was hoping for. Then Insomniac found itself with a hit on its hands as it developed and released Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively for PS4. The game has been a critical and commercial success which seems to have swayed Sony into putting down the money outright to buy Insomniac Games and make it a first-party studio. It’s unknown how much Sony is acquiring the Insomniac for.

What does this mean for the future then? Well, Insomniac has experience in developing VR titles like Stormlands for Oculus, so it’ll make sense for the studio to work on some exclusive VR games for PSVR though I doubt we’d see anything major for a couple of years. On the Marvel’s Spider-Man front, well we can safely assume that any potential sequel will also be a PlayStation exclusive. Who knows, Insomniac may be given license of other Marvel heroes that could become PlayStation exclusives. That’s probably unlikely though as Spider-Man likely came about due to Sony owning the film rights to the character and Marvel okaying an exclusive game for Sony’s console while being allowed to use Spider-Man in the MCU.

Insomniac will likely get a lot of support from Sony which could maybe lead to a resuscitation of the Resistance franchise as well as new Ratchet and Clank titles. I do doubt a Fuse sequel though.

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  1. Triumph!!!! And YESSSness!!!

  2. Fantastic news!
    More Spiderman ^^

  3. Power move but one that makes sense. Would love to see Ratchet & Clank make another comeback.

  4. Lovely. It seems to survive the next-gen and potential streaming onslaught, exclusives are the way to go. I wonder if they’ll buy any more?

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